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Between the ages of 18-22, the last four teeth to grow are usually trying to make their way into alignment with the rest of the teeth. Because they grow when people are reaching adulthood, these teeth are commonly called “wisdom teeth.” Although they are growing and developing underneath the gums, very few people have enough room in their jaws for wisdom teeth to grow fully into place with healthy alignment. Sometimes the wisdom teeth get trapped under the gums, what we call “impacted.” Other times the wisdom teeth grow in partially, but do not come fully through the gums. These conditions commonly damage the other surrounding teeth, create infections in the gums, increase your risk for cavities, and can lead to the development of cysts. Because this is so common, the healthy choice for most people is to have the wisdom teeth removed. During your exam, if it is recommended for your wisdom teeth to be removed, we will take the necessary x-rays and answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure. TFD is a unique family dental practice, due to Dr. Cox’s experience performing wisdom tooth surgeries. 95% of all wisdom teeth are easily removed by Dr. Cox at TFD using anesthetic or sedation.

After the procedure

After your wisdom tooth procedure, we will give you home care instructions and appropriate prescriptions for medications. You should expect to have some soreness, and may need to plan for recovery time before you return to school or work. When the procedure is done on Fridays, most people are able to return to normal activities by Monday. Because of the number of surgeries Dr. Cox performs, TFD is open every Friday.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Searcy Arkansas
Wisdom Teeth

95% of all wisdom teeth are easily removed using anesthetic or sedation.

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