If you have a toothache in Searcy that won’t go away after 1-2 days, it’s possible that you have an infected tooth. This is a serious oral health problem that could result in the death of your tooth if it’s left untreated. The best solution is to get root canal therapy from Dr. Jared Cox at Today’s Family Dentistry. Dr. Cox has years of experience in endodontics, and can ensure that you restore your tooth to health and prevent further complications. Learn more below, or contact us for an appointment.


Root canal therapy, known as a “root canal” for short, is an endodontic procedure that’s done to treat infected teeth. Teeth become infected when the vulnerable, delicate “pulp” inside the tooth is exposed to oral bacteria. This usually happens due to an untreated cavity, but can also happen if an oral injury causes a deep crack in the outer layers of your tooth. 

The pulp is full of nerves and blood vessels, and it’s what keeps your teeth alive. As the pulp decays, you will experience pain and discomfort. Your tooth will eventually die and fall out if you do not get treatment. To save it, a root canal is usually necessary.

In this process, Dr. Cox will open up the tooth, remove infected material from the inside of the tooth, and then fill and seal the tooth with a dental crown or a filling to prevent further damage. This saves your tooth and prevents further complications.


If you have a serious toothache that won’t go away after 1-2 days or longer, you probably need a root canal. Pain in your tooth is always an indicator that something is wrong.

There are other signs to look out for, too. Infected teeth may cause discoloration and swelling of the nearby gum tissue. Your tooth may also feel more sensitive to heat and cold, or to the pressure of chewing. If you notice one or more of these issues, contact us right away for a consultation.


No. Despite what popular culture may have you believe, the process of root canal therapy is actually minimally invasive, and will not cause you any pain or discomfort. Your mouth will be completely numb throughout the entire procedure.

We even offer sedation for patients who want to relax and stay more comfortable in the dentist’s chair. You can trust Dr. Jared Cox to provide you with expert care in Searcy.


Your tooth will not require any special care after the root canal process is complete. Your tooth may feel slightly tender, but you should not feel any major discomfort, and your tooth should feel normal within a few days.

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