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As healthcare advances in science and technology, the experience patients have during their appointments must lead the way. Patients need more compassion, more understanding, and more freedom from judgement of their fears. Only then are we really serving the public in the manner to which we are called.

Dr. Cox

We know it takes courage to come to the dentist. We know many, many people neglect their dental care because they have had bad past experiences. We know they often feel embarrassed. We know they often feel judged. We know they think that they are the worst patients we have ever seen. We also know that we have to earn their trust one step at a time.

If you feel like this, we would love to see you. We believe Today’s Family Dentistry offers better experiences than those you have had in the past, and one of the ways we do that is by offering sedation dentistry. During sedation appointments, you will either sleep or be so relaxed that you won’t have a care in the world. By the time you become alert, your appointment will be finished and you will be in your driver’s car headed to the comfort of your own home.

How does it work?

The day before your appointment, we will send a prescription to your pharmacy so you can take preliminary medication at home the night before and morning of your appointment. When you arrive, you’ll be tucked in a warm blanket with a pillow and given additional medicine that dissolves under your tongue. As the medicine takes effect over the next 30-60 minutes, your awareness of your surroundings will drift away. You will have personal supervision the entire time you are with us. When your appointment is finished, we will escort you in a wheelchair to your driver’s car and buckle the seatbelt.

To set up your sedation consultation, schedule an appointment below. During the consultation we will review the dental procedures that you wish to accomplish during the sedation appointment, provide all necessary paperwork for your signatures, review the medication instructions, and answer any additional questions you may have. If we can be of any further assistance to you, please click here. Don’t let anything delay your treatment any longer. We want to help you get the treatment you need, and we will take excellent care of you.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes. Sedation dentistry is absolutely safe. The sedative drugs used for oral conscious sedation have been in use for decades, and Dr. Jared Cox will ensure you get a safe dose that will keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire appointment. 

Complications from sedation dentistry are extremely rare and are almost never serious enough to be life-threatening. Dr. Cox and our dental team will be monitoring your vital signs throughout your entire appointment to make sure that everything looks normal during your procedure. 

In addition, Dr. Cox will meet with you before recommending sedation to discuss your health history, the medications and supplements you’re taking, and any concerns you may have about treatment. This ensures that you’re a good candidate for sedation at Today’s Family Dentistry. 

How Long Will the Sedation Last?

Most people will feel fuzzy and groggy for at least a few hours after their appointment. During this time, you may also experience some side effects like nausea, dizziness, confusion, dry mouth, and headache. This is normal, and these effects will fade as the medicine wears off.

However, it’s important to note that dental sedation can also impair your ability to make decisions and operate a vehicle or heavy machinery for up to 24 hours, so you should avoid driving for 24 hours if possible. Even if you feel “normal,” a few hours after your appointment, you may not be able to drive safely.

How Do I Take Care of Myself After Sedation? 

After your appointment, you’ll definitely want to take the rest of the day off after work so you can rest and relax after you’re driven home. We also recommend taking the following day off, if possible. This will ensure you’re fully recovered by the time you have to get back to your day-to-day routine.

We also know you may be hungry immediately after your appointment, especially if you had to fast before your treatment at Today’s Family Dentistry. However, we recommend waiting a couple of hours before eating a meal, especially if you have had your mouth numbed. 

If you eat too soon, you may feel nauseous and throw up, which is obviously not a pleasant experience. And even if you don’t feel nauseated, you may accidentally chew on your cheeks or bite your tongue if your mouth is still numb when you eat. 

When you do eat, we recommend sticking to bland and soft foods like rice, yogurt, and mashed potatoes, or any other foods recommended by Dr. Cox after your treatment. This will also reduce the risk of upsetting your stomach, and make it easier to chew properly after your dental treatment. 

Once you get home, do your best to rest and relax. Lie down, but keep your head elevated, especially if you’ve had oral surgery. This will help reduce pain and potential bleeding. Beyond this, just make sure to follow any other specific aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Cox. Tooth extractions, for example, require different aftercare steps than root canals. 

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