The people who come to see us the most end up spending the least.

Hello, friends! Every person I serve wants to keep their dental costs down, so I think it will be helpful if I share with you some of the money-saving insights I have gained from my experience over the years.

Let’s be real and call it like it is…We all know that healthcare is expensive. However, like all other aspects of life, dedication and discipline pay off. (Did I lose you with those “D words,” or are you still reading?) I remember reading a report several years ago that showed the average hospital visit due to neglected dental care costs over $13,000! In almost every case, these costs are entirely preventable by going to the dentist as recommended every 6 months. 

In another report, statistics showed that elderly people who have lost their teeth had thousands and thousands of dollars of increased medical and living costs, because when they can’t eat for themselves, their nutrition and health deteriorated drastically, thereby increasing their need for nursing homes and medical assistance. Thankfully we know today how prevention, early intervention, and routine dental check-ups can prevent unnecessary costs and save money and worry for families of younger generations. 

These 2 scenarios happen more often than you’d think, but here is the one that happens every single day: Many people in the Searcy community procrastinate going to the dentist for routine visits because they are afraid of the experience and avoiding the cost. Those of you who have already come to see us know my feelings and commitment to extraordinary dental experiences, but I’m also here to advocate on your behalf about the cost.

Even though I used those 2 ugly “D words” above, this is the part where we need to make sure that you and I are connecting. This is the message that Today’s Family Dentistry is working diligently to get out to the public…to you. So, pretend you and I are talking face to face as friends and family do, and please hear me when I say that the only way anyone…you too…can avoid those unnecessary costs is to have a plan and be faithful to it! We are here to be your partner and your advocate! Here are 3 actions (ACTIONS!) I have seen in my patients who keep their dental costs down:

  1. They choose to be proactive. They come before they have a problem. They know that waiting until a toothache arises will cost them extra money and frustration. By being proactive, they get better results and better experiences with minimal cost. (This is especially relevant for those who have had cosmetic dentistry or want to keep their teeth looking their best.)
  2. They create discipline to come regularly. When they are with us, they make their next checkup appointment before they leave their current one. They immediately put it into their calendar, set a reminder on their phone, and keep the appointment a priority in their busy lives. Waiting for a problem to arise leads to untimeliness that results in missed work and unnecessary financial impact.
  3. They budget. People who budget for dentistry as part of their ongoing medical care are able to avoid credit card fees, financing fees, and cash flow shortages that often make the difference between keeping one’s teeth and losing them. Every day I see people who have waited too long to come, and inevitably their dental emergency conflicts with other expenses in their lives. So, they are forced to make difficult choices. Those choices are expensive financially and emotionally when someone loses their ability to smile, eat, and otherwise enjoy the life they want to live.

I know those “D words” don’t easily make friends, but I want you to know that we are always working in your best interest. Whether you need us for cosmetic dentistry or implants, we’re here to be your partners, your advocates, and your friends. Thanks for letting me extend our connection beyond the office by reading this blog.

If you haven’t been to Today’s Family Dentistry yet, we’d love to become your partner too. Nice people are always welcome at TFD 🙂 Call us today to book your appointment for cosmetic dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, or pediatric care.